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Exede internet provider in Superior

Having an internet service outage at home is inconvenient enough, but having it go out at your place of business can be downright disastrous. There is a solution to this problem: satellite-based internet service from Perfect Sight Satellites LLC. We are an Exede internet provider who knows how to cure those fiber-optic blues. Call today, get the most reliable internet on the planet tomorrow!
Perfect Sight Satellites LLC

Fast, faster, fastest

How fast are your download speeds? If your answer is somewhere between "not very" and "slower than molasses in January," you need to call Perfect Sight Satellites LLC pronto! With Exede internet, you can get download speeds of up to 25 Mbps, which includes a built-in WiFi router. Can your current internet service provider offer that? If not, call us.
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More is more

Every year, our hunger for data keeps growing. Is your current ISP keeping up with your appetite? If not, Exede satellite internet could be the answer to your prayers. With the "Freedom" data plan, you can get up to 150 GB of priority data. No that's not a typo. That's 1-5-0. Call Perfect Sight Satellites LLC today! 

We mean business 

Every business is online these days, from garment fulfillment houses to cupcake shops. Reliable internet service isn't just a nicety, it's an absolute necessity. Exede internet has reliable, affordable internet service plans, including data back-up and unlimited service calls for businesses of all sizes. Call Perfect Sight Satellites LLC today! 
Tree blocking your satellite? Call to Find out Options on What to Do!
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